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wp_reset_query() Function WordPress Developer Resources

    The following example shows how to use wp_reset_query() after a custom loop. Note that the loop in the example is probably being used in addition to the main loop. <?php $args = array ( 'post_parent' => 5 ); query_posts( $args ); if ( have_posts() ): while ( have_posts() ) : the_post(); // Do …

Function Reference/wp reset query « WordPress Codex

    Check out the new WordPress Code Reference! Function Reference/wp reset query Languages : English • Italiano • 関数リファレンス/wp reset query 日本語 ( Add your language )

wp reset postdata - wp_reset_postdata() or wp_reset_query ...

    wp_reset_query() - ensure that the main query has been reset to the original main query; wp_reset_postdata() - ensures that the global $post has been restored to the current post in the main query. Indeed, looking at the source you'll see that the wp_reset_query() calls wp_reset_postdata(). The only difference between the two then is this line: $GLOBALS['wp_query'] = …

wp_reset_postdata() Function WordPress Developer Resources

    $query = array( //some post query parameters ); $post_results = get_posts($query); if(!empty($post_results)){ //do something with your query results //invoke post data reset here wp_reset_postdata(); } //if you invoke it after the check and the result did not return any posts, it will reset the post data from a previous query wp_reset_postdata(); // WRONG

3 Ways to Reset the WordPress Loop Digging Into WordPress

    Sep 03, 2011 · So, while wp_reset_query and wp_reset_postdata reset the entire query object, rewind_posts simply resets the post count, as seen for the function in the wp-includes/query.php file: // rewind the posts and reset post index function rewind_posts() { $this->current_post = -1; if ( $this->post_count > 0 ) { $this->post = $this->posts[0]; } }

Custom queries and wp_reset_postdata(); WordPress.org

    Inside the loop for a custom query, $my_query->the_post will make global $post to have post from the object $my_query. wp_reset_postdata (); will reset the $post and make it have the post from $wp_query again. So I have my category.php like below.

WP_Query Class WordPress Developer Resources

    */ wp_reset_postdata(); /* The 2nd Query (without global var) */ $query2 = new WP_Query( $args2 ); // The 2nd Loop while ( $query2->have_posts() ) { $query2->the_post(); echo '<li>' . get_the_title( $query2->post->ID ) . '</li>'; } // Restore original Post Data wp_reset_postdata(); ?>

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