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How to display code if it is not certain pages ...

    In terms of WordPress, you'd probably be better off using page-specific template files, such as page-links.php or page-student-work.php. You could also use get_template_part () instead of includes to accomplish what that if/else block does in just one line if you need to keep this all in one file for some reason.

"If not on front page" won't work (wordpress) - Stack Overflow

    Consider that you are on home page. What your condition will check if !has_post_thumbnail ($post->ID), means there is no post thumbnail. So it will show <p>no breadcrumb</p>. Now consider you are on some other page and not home page.

Conditional Tags - Main Page « WordPress Codex

    There is no conditional tag for the blog page. You have to use both is_home () and is_front_page () to detect this page, but those functions can be misused. In fact, a user can define a static page for the homepage, and another page to display the blog. This one will return true with is_home () function, even if it's not the homepage.

is_page() Function WordPress Developer Resources

    Top ↑ More Information # More Information. Top ↑ Notes # Notes. Will return true if an empty value is passed; Due to certain global variables being overwritten during The Loop, is_page() will not work. In order to call it after The Loop, you must call wp_reset_query() first.

is_home() Function WordPress Developer Resources

    Description # Description. The blog homepage is the page that shows the time-based blog content of the site. is_home() is dependent on the site’s "Front page displays" Reading Settings ‘show_on_front’ and ‘page_for_posts’. If a static page is set for the front page of the site, this function will return true only on the page you set as the "Posts page".

is_front_page() Function WordPress Developer Resources

    If you set a static page for the front page of your site, this function will return true when viewing that page. Otherwise the same as @see is_home() For more information on this and similar theme functions, check out the Conditional Tags article in the Theme Developer Handbook.

Pages WordPress.org

    The Dynamic Nature of WordPress Pages # The Dynamic Nature of WordPress Pages. A web page can be static or dynamic. Static pages, such as a regular HTML page that you might create with Dreamweaver, are those which have been created once and do not have to be regenerated every time a person visits the page. In contrast, dynamic pages, such as ...

Content missing and cant see content on edit page ...

    Here is the work around I had to do, create a new page then pull up the one that has no editable text anymore and find a revision. From there copy and then past to the new page and edit that and then use that page. Be great to have a solution for this. Viewing 3 replies - …

How to Use WordPress Conditional Tags • WPShout

    This is not exactly the case: WordPress allows you to have either a bunch of blog posts at your site’s root, or a “Static Front Page.” If your site has a static front page, your is_home () will be false on the site’s homepage (example.com), and true on the site’s blog index (example.com/blog).

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