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get_bloginfo() Function WordPress Developer Resources

    ‘stylesheet_url’ – URL to the stylesheet for the active theme. An active child theme will take precedence over this value ‘stylesheet_directory’ – Directory path for the active theme. An active child theme will take precedence over this value ‘template_url’ / ‘template_directory’ – URL of the active theme’s directory.

bloginfo() Function WordPress Developer Resources

    ‘stylesheet_directory‘ – Displays the stylesheet directory URL of the active theme. (Was a local path in earlier WordPress versions.) Consider echoing get_stylesheet_directory_uri() instead. ‘template_url‘ / ‘template_directory‘ – URL of the active theme’s directory. Within child themes, both get_bloginfo(‘template_url’) and get_template() will return the parent theme directory.

WordPress - get_bloginfo() wordpress Tutorial

    Getting the active theme URL <?php echo esc_url( get_bloginfo( 'stylesheet_directory' ) ); ?> Output. http://example.com/wp-content/themes/twentysixteen Alternatives. Internally, get_bloginfo( 'stylesheet_directory' ) calls get_stylesheet_directory_uri(), so you may want to use that instead: <?php echo esc_url( get_stylesheet_directory_uri() ); ?>

deprecation - How to replace bloginfo(template_url ...

    function get_bloginfo( $show = '', $filter ='raw' ) { case 'stylesheet_directory': $output = get_stylesheet_directory_uri(); break; case 'template_directory': case 'template_url': $output = get_template_directory_uri(); break; so it's ultimately exactly the same output.

get_template_directory_uri() Function WordPress ...

    function get_template_directory_uri () {. $template = str_replace( '%2F', '/', rawurlencode ( get_template () ) ); $theme_root_uri = get_theme_root_uri ( $template ); $template_dir_uri = "$theme_root_uri/$template"; return apply_filters ( 'template_directory_uri', $template_dir_uri, $template, $theme_root_uri ); }

How to Improve Site Performance, A ... - getbloginfo.com

    Nov 11, 2020 · Themes play an important role in giving a good look at a website. When you choose a beautiful and eye-catching theme for a WordPress website, make sure that the website is well-designed, that is, you must check its page loading speed. Often beautiful themes are not coded properly which takes time to load your web and slows down the site.

php - how to show wordpress site title and tagline ...

    I'm trying to put site title and tagline in child theme header. I searched about it and find these two different wordpress functions get_bloginfo() and bloginfo(). get_bloginfo() doesn't showing the tagline, and bloginfo() showing both site title and tagline.

get_custom_logo() Function WordPress Developer Resources

    To get the URL of the custom logo image: $custom_logo_id = get_theme_mod( 'custom_logo' ); $image = wp_get_attachment_image_src( $custom_logo_id , 'full' ); echo $image[0];

wordpress教程之函数site_url()、home_url()、bloginfo(‘url’)的区别 …

    在wordpress插件和主题开发中经常需要获取各种URL路径,wordpress提供了以下集中方法获得URL路径:plugins_url() — 插件目录的 URL ...

テンプレートタグ/bloginfo - WordPress Codex 日本語版

    この関数はサブサイトではなく WordPress がインストールされているルートサイトの URL を返すため、マルチサイト構成で、サブドメインの代わりにパスを用いている場合等は特に site_url() 関数の出力を用いることを推奨します。

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