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    Thanks to Winnower pal John, I now have a new thing to worry about — the fate of the microtus oeconomus (aka the tundra vole), whose territory might be seeing a 40% increase in predators by 2080. According to Wikipedia (where I get all my tundra vole news), the tundra vole digs “underground burrows where it stores seeds and roots ...

The Winnower Open Scholarly Publishing

    So without further ado….Today we are happy to announce that you can now assign a digital object identifier (DOI) to your Wordpress.org blog via The Winnower. This is a first step of many that we are taking towards bringing scientific publishing into the modern era (we’ll soon be releasing an interface for Blogger blogs and Wordpress.com blogs).

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    It is traditionally thought that skull tattoo design symbolizes death. The transience of people’s life is often revealed in such tattoo design. But the meaning is much deeper. The owner of a skull tattoo design shows that he understands that everyone must die some day and that he is not afraid of death. Of course a person should be brave enough to make a skull tattoo design and …

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    The Winnower 20+ active installations Tested with 4.2.29 Updated 6 years ago Mon Laboratoire (0 total ratings) Easy pages for research labs (manage people and publications) ... QuantiModo WordPress Integration. QuantiModo Fewer than 10 active installations Updated 1 year ago

The Winnower Open Scholarly Publishing

    “The Winnower is one of the first publications that rightfully recognizes the educational value of both transparent peer reviews and open access scientific material. It is a modern scientific publication in the truest sense of the word” - Tejas Desai, MD, Assistant Professor of Medicine East Carolina University


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Ten of the Most Famous Paintings by Jean-François Millet ...

    The Winnower was one of Jean-François Millet’s first paintings of rural labour, and depicts a peasant winnowing. This was the practice of removing chaff (the casings of grain seeds and other unwanted plant material) from harvested grain. The peasant is using a special winnowing fan for this; these have no lip at the front end, meaning that with the correct shaking action, the chaff …

Arts of Region XI – Mandaya is the best!

    These are the common household utensils such as Sandok, made from coconut shell and stick that is use to scoop cooked rice and foe serving soup; the Lusong (wooden mortar) and Hao (wooden staff) used for pounding the rice until it the grains is separated from the chaffs; the Nigo( winnower) used for separating unwanted chaffs from newly ...

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