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edit_post_link() Function WordPress Developer Resources

    Displays a link to edit the current post, if a user is logged in and allowed to edit the post. Can be used within The Loop or outside of it. If outside the loop, you’ll need to pass the post ID. Can be used with pages, posts, attachments, and revisions. Use get_edit_post_link to retrieve the url.

get_edit_post_link() Function WordPress Developer ...

    20 rows · wp-includes/link-template.php: edit_post_link() Displays the edit post link for post. wp …

edit_post_link Hook WordPress Developer Resources

    apply_filters ('edit_post_link', string $link, int $post_id, string $text) Filters the post edit link anchor tag.

Function Reference/edit post link « WordPress Codex

    Interested in functions, hooks, classes, or methods? Check out the new WordPress Code Reference!

Template Tags/get edit post link « WordPress Codex

    Returns edit post url as string value, provided the current user has the 'edit_post' capability. To retrieve a URL without checking user capabilities use admin_url () instead. Can be used within the WordPress loop or outside of it. Can be used with pages, posts, attachments, and revisions.

Edit Post Link WordPress.org

    Thank you for answer, but this allow edit currently opened post only. I use post list with 30 posts on my blog (with read more) and for edit I must open post first and it is not very practical. In Smartline it is OK because there are 30 quick edits links on homepage and editing is very easy (without opening single post).

How to edit existing links in WordPress?

    To edit your existing links, go to your admin area > Links > Edit. From here you can delete your links or change their settings. To edit a link, click on Edit which appears when you hover over it.

How to Edit Existing Links in Your WordPress Blog - dummies

    Here’s what you can do with your links: Edit an existing link: Click the name of the link you’d like to edit. The Edit Link page opens. Edit the fields you need... Sort the links: You can sort by Link ID, Name, Address, or Rating by using the Order by Name drop-down menu. Likewise... Search for ...

wordpress - How to change the URL of the edit post link ...

    add_filter( 'get_edit_post_link', 'my_edit_post_link', 10, 3 ); function my_edit_post_link( $url, $post_id, $context) { $url = "http://somethingerother.com/custom_post_editor.php?post=".$post_id; // Modify the URL as desired return $url; } share. Share a link to this answer. Copy link. CC BY-SA 4.0.

How to Change Your WordPress Site URLs (Step by Step)

    Oct 17, 2019 · When you change your WordPress URL, you will need a way to bulk update links through your WordPress posts, pages, and other areas in your database. The above plugins are a huge time saver. Aside from using them to update URLs when moving websites, we also use them for various other platform migrations such as moving from WordPress.com to ...

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